KNCPT DESIGN STUDIO is multi-discipline design studio based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We do high end user residential and commercial projects from concept design to completion. This is an exciting opportunity to join this team as it develops and grows. 

Working Diverse:

Furniture, Architecture, Product, Interior, Bioethanol fireplaces, Concept Based Design, Consult and Strategy, Conceptual Life Style Research,  Product Prototyping, Computer Programing and Prototyping for Design, 3D design, Graphic design 



KNCPTFIREare inventive, technologically advanced fireplaces for contemporary lifestyles. 

KNCPTFIRE combine modern yet elegant international design with the advanced technology of environmentally friendly, smokeless ethanol based fires. KNCPTFIRE are not only elements of interior decoration but most of all they are real fireplaces enhanced by design. They create an exceptional atmosphere influencing our everyday life. Depending on the mood they can stimulate our energy and inspire our potential or they can help us relax. Wall mounted fireplace inserts and free-standing, see through fireplaces run on KNCPTFIRE - a renewable green liquid fuel, certified for the users and environmental safety. Long fireplaces are designed especially for architects and interior designers. They offer unlimited possibilities of arrangement together with the simplicity of use. Fireplace inserts can be made to measure according to a specific project. All fireplaces can be implemented in both private and commercial spaces.

 A new category of design started by KNCPTFIRE  takes the biofireplace sector to the next level. KNCPTFIRE has moved away from the traditional approach to this kind of product. The concept of KNCPTFIRE allows  the introduction of fire into the most sophisticated spaces.